Writing is a huge passion of mine. I’ve collected some of my own writing here.

Creative Writing

Poetry – Really old stuff posted here to hopefully motivate me to pick the craft back up.


The Roaring Flame – An analysis and defense of Thomas Paine’s argumentative techniques in his revolutionary pamphlet, Common Sense.

A Pen Better Fits: Bradstreet’s Heroic Voice in “The Prologue [To Her Book]” – An analysis of a Puritan writing from the point of view of a Native American story type.

An Unmellow Yellow – An argument for why “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman should be studied in College English, focusing on symbolism, personification, and setting.

The Loneliest Office: Love and Sacrifice in “Those Winter Sundays” – A poetry response focusing on diction, sound, and poetic form.

A Stained Tradition: Symbolism in “The Lottery” – A fiction response focusing on symbolism and theme.

Heaven’s Crowded Streets: Changing the AIDS Conversation – An argumentative essay about how a film (Philadelphia) helped society deal with a social issue.