Emily Dickinson

Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

So, funny story: I love literature, and I love discussing poetry. Ready for the funny part? None of my friends want to hear me talk about it. I’ve been reading poems by Emily Dickinson and can’t find anyone to talk to about them. It occurred to me that I have a blog to rant and rave about things no one but me seems to care about. I’m sure fewer of you care about Emily Dickinson than about the series from the 1990s I’ve been blogging about, but this blog is primarily for me, and I want to write about Emily Dickinson, damn it. So, here is Nevermore’s first poetry reflection.

This entry covers “Wild Nights – Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson. Dickinson never named her poems; “Wild Nights – Wild Nights!” is the first line of the poem and is used to identify the poem since it has no title. Since her poems are public domain, I have posted it below the cut for your perusal. Thanks, Rosy, for the information on copyright!

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