A fanlisting is, as the name suggests, a small site that lists fans from around the world for a subject. approves and lists fanlistings for hundreds of subjects, from actors and actresses to books, movies, video games, and even characters and relationships. The caveat is every subject can only have one fanlisting. 

I got into fanlistings in 2013, and have been lucky to be approved to run the fanlistings for some of my favorite things. I like fanlistings because they give me an opportunity to practice and strengthen my skills in web design, and they connect me with visitors who are interested in some of the things I am interested in, things I write about on my blog that they might be interested in reading. Fanlistings are a great way to connect with other fans.

If you are a fan of any of the subjects I run fanlistings for, please consider joining! I want to make my fanlistings huge to show the internet just how amazing some of these subjects are. You do not have to have a website to join; you just need to provide a name (or online alias), country, and e-mail address (which I will never use, and which  you can opt to hide when you join). 


MathematicsLimitless – Although English/Language Arts is my favorite subject, I love mathematics. It is one of the two subjects I will be certified to teach when I finish college. I believe everyone grows up loving math; it does not deserve its bad rap. 


Edgar Allan PoeDream By Day – With a website named Nevermore, it is only appropriate that I run the fanlisting for Edgar Allan Poe. 😉 Poe is one of my favorite writers. I was introduced to him in American Literature, and have read a ton of his work. I love how he makes the dark seem beautiful.

Characters: Book/Movie

Lord of the Rings: Frodo BagginsPerseveranceFrodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite characters from literature. For such a physically small character, he has a huge heart and a gigantic burden. He carries it with a quiet strength and determination fueled by courage and hope.

Scream: Casey BeckerScary MovieCasey Becker from Scream is Drew Barrymore’s iconic horror role. Although she lasts in the film for only ten minutes, she made a huge impact in the horror genre. I love Drew Barrymore’s performance in this film, and I love this character.

Scream: GhostfaceFear – The Ghostface killers from the Scream series are collectively my favorite horror villain. What makes those movies so good is that any character can be the killer; trying to figure out who he, she, or they are is half the fun of watching the movies.

X-Men: WolverineHumanWolverine from X-Men is one of my favorite superheroes. What I love about him so much are his less-than-heroic qualities: the characteristics that make him human. He’s flawed and he’s troubled, and I love him for it. 


Super Mario Bros. SeriesPipe Dreams – I frakkin love the Super Mario Bros. series. The series is highly nostalgic for me, because the Mario games were some of the first games I ever played, but I have played every single installment from Super Mario Bros. to the most recent Super Mario Odyssey, and they are always a good time. 

Game Characters

Fire Emblem Awakening: HenryA Murder of CrowsHenry from Fire Emblem: Awakening is an incredibly fascinating character. Behind his sarcasm and smile is someone afraid to show emotion, someone obssessed with life just as much as he is obsessed with death, and someone who would kill an ally to prove loyalty to another.

Final Fantasy IV: EdwardRequiemEdward, the “spoony bard” from Final Fantasy IV gets a lot of flack for being a terrible and weak character. I happen to love him. He’s unique and fun to use in game, and I think he possesses a strength for which fans of the game don’t give him credit.

Final Fantasy X: TidusPoltergeistTidus from Final Fantasy X is my favorite character from anything. I find his story incredibly dark, tragic, and interesting, and I identify on a personal level with his character.