For years, my main focus online was running a network of character shrines, fansites dedicated to characters from series, films, and games I love. Since launching a blog, I tend to write recaps or articles to analyze things I’m into today rather than launching full websites, but these websites are still part of my online work, and I have them here online so that you can enjoy them, and so that I can work on them when I feel like adding something new. They are deemed “complete” and don’t require regular updates, so I work on them on a strict whenever-I-feel-like-it basis.


Additionally, I applied for and created fanlistings, little joinables designed to list fans of a particular subject from around the world. I see them as a neat way to show off my love for something and to practice web design. Unlike the shrines above, these fanlistings receive regular updates, so please join if you are a fan of any of these subjects!

Edgar Allan Poe Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins Mathematics Scream: Ghostface Super Mario Bros. Series Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 64 X-Men: Wolverine