The InvasionAnimorphs is a science fiction book series by K. A. Applegate. A parasitic alien species called Yeerks are taking over Earth, using human bodies as hosts. The only thing that stands between them and us is a group of five teenagers who call themselves Animorphs. More than the Animorphs end up standing between us and the Yeerks, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll pretend we’re all starting at the beginning.

Animorphs was my childhood. The series is so important to me. When things were rough for me as a kid, these books became my escape. I wrapped myself up in the Animorphs’ lives and their war with the Yeerks. When I got the internet, I found a community of kids who did the same. I’m still friends with many of them today. I grew up with this series and found myself through it. No other book or series has affected me the same way since.

I realize I have rose-tinted glasses on when I view this series. My intent as I reread this series is not to review the books critically, but to experience them again, reminiscing on what I loved, and discussing what stands out to me as an adult that didn’t when I read them as a kid. I expect to take away different things because I’m more mature now (I know that’s debatable, but go with me here), more experienced in life, and more well-read.

If you’ve read this series, I hope you enjoy going through it again with me. If you have not read the series, my hope is that my recaps will inspire you to pick it up. It truly is excellent.

For the most part I will be going through the series in order. Exceptions to that may be the Megamorphs, Alternamorphs, and Chronicles books, though I’ll try to hit them in the order they were published. This will be a different experience for that reason alone, as I did not read the books in order when I was a kid.

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