The Read section of Nevermore focuses on books and literature. English is actually my concentration in college, so suffice it to say, I love reading.

So far, I primarily write recaps on book series from the 1990s that I read as a kid and am revisiting as an adult today. These started as mere thoughts and reflections in plot summaries, but have been becoming more and more in depth as I’ve started to focus on actual literary analysis. I firmly believe that readers can find something positive to carry away from any book they read. The book series I recap are no exception, so get ready to watch me analyze the crap out of Goosebumps books. Feel free to join in and discuss these books with me via comments. If I were your teacher, commenting on my posts would earn you extra credit in my class.

In addition to my recaps, I like to write poetry reflections and book reviews. If you come across something you think I’d enjoy reading, feel free to recommend it to me in a comment to any post, and I may read it and discuss it here.


  • Animorphs – The 1996 to 2001 sci-fi series by K. A. Applegate
  • Fear Street – The 1989 to present horror series by R. L. Stine
  • Goosebumps – The 1992 to 1997 horror series by R. L. Stine

Poetry Reflections