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Book Reviews

Shrine Collectives

The collectives linked below are some of my absolute favorites, and many are made by some of my absolute favorite people. I have to support them. Please check out their awesome shrines.

  • After Death – Samantha; Fire Emblem, Marvel,  anime, other games.
  • Blizzara – Stefi; Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, anime.
  • Cissnei – Fiona; Final Fantasy, anime.
  • Delve – Denise; Pokemon, films, fun randomness.
  • Dragon Nebula – Camy; The Elder Scrolls, anime, manga, Disney.
  • Fiction in Fiction – Janna; Silent Hill, other games, music, animation.
  • Iocane Powder – Barbara; Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Supernatural, anime.
  • Like Knives – Megan; Disney, Pokemon, anime, other games.
  • Love! – Nyx; Persona, Devil May Cry, other games.
  • Love Gala – Destinie; NINTENDO, NINTENDO, NINTENDO, manga.
  • Oh My Darling – Sarah; Disney, Law and Order, animation, manga.
  • Omnium Obscural – Rhys; Anne Rice, books, movies.
  • Pirates Board – Cherri; Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, anime, Disney, other games, EVERYTHING.
  • Rayjah – Snow; Final Fantasy, anime, stories, other games.
  • Reflera – Chrissy; Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, other animanga.
  • Rinoa – Sheila; Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, other games.
  • Rigelatin – Rosy; Pokemon, QUAKE, The Elder Scrolls, other games.
  • Rydia – Emma; Final Fantasy, other games, anime.
  • Sky Crown – Mishiro; Pokemon, anime, Taylor Swift.
  • Storyteller – Lucas; Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, other games.
  • Sun Cryst – Michelle; Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, other games.
  • Within My World – Robin; DC, Pokemon, films, other games.

Other Bookmarks


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