My Online Focus

An old friend, Chris, told me the other day, “Hey, it’s so great you are keeping your shrines online even though you’ve quit that hobby.” I replied, “Thanks! Wait, what?” It occurred to me that although I have an About page, what I hope is clear navigation, and detailed descriptions in each section detailing what you can find on this site, I haven’t really discussed what I’m doing here or what my online plans are. I’ve just kind of been working away and hoping you guys enjoy what I put up. I want to take a minute to talk about where I see the site going, what I enjoy working on and want to continue working on in the future, and give you guys a space to ask questions and clear up any confusion. Having an idea of where I want to go is just as important as knowing where I am.

I see this site having four major focuses: personal blogging, recaps, fan sites, and writing.

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Goodbye, Sharkboy

I believe an active website is a living, breathing thing. Before you think about committing me to an insane asylum, let me explain. With a static website, a website you build, upload, and rarely touch after, a lot of planning goes into it. It’s very much a creation. Initial planning may go into an active website as well, and certainly did with this one, but as you continually update it, writing blog entries or whathaveyou, the website begins to develop a life of its own. You discover what you enjoy writing about. You discover what visitors respond well to and want to see more of. You discover what works, and what doesn’t. You come up with better or more organized ways of creating and presenting content. You may make new layouts. You may change navigation or organization. Your updating habits change based on a combination of all these things. In this way, an active website is a development.

Well, this one has developed into something new. Officially, welcome to Nevermore.nu.

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Site Updates

Hey guys, some updates have piled up, so I decided to just list them all in a new entry.

The About page has been restructured. I moved information on the website up and information on myself down. I want visitors to be able to figure out what this website is about pretty quickly, and with it being below the information on me, it was kind of hidden before.

I worked recaps into the website description because although I didn’t plan on it, they have become a major feature of this website. I have thoroughly enjoyed recapping Fear Street books, Goosebumps books, and most recently Captain Planet episodes. I feel like I’m reliving my childhood on this website through these series, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m going to keep going. They each have pages in the main navigation that introduce the series and link to all of the recaps.

I added anyone who has commented more than once to my Blogroll on the Links page. If anyone I don’t have linked would like to exchange links, let me know! I would love to network with more bloggers.

Grand Opening

Hey, look, I’m blogging!

First off, welcome to Sharkboy.org! I’m Todd. I am a full-time student, a full-time retail merchandiser (It’s not as important or as exciting as it sounds), and a part-time nerd. I mean seriously, between work, school, and studying, I have very little free time for my interests and hobbies.

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