Welcome to Nevermore, the home on the web of Todd. More on me and what you can expect to find on this site can be found below.

About Nevermore

I believe a website is a growing, living thing. This website began as a collective housing various character shrines and fan sites to things I loved, it turned into a personal blog, and then, most recently, it became an outlet for me to explore my fandoms and interests.

While it may seem like I’m not sure what I’m doing here, and believe me, I question what I’m doing here all the time, I have been consistent in one thing: since 2001, I have used websites to rant about, rave about, and analyze the hell out of things I love. Although I’m doing that in blog entries today rather than in fan sites, I am still writing about books, games, shows, and movies, most of which no one but me seems to care about. I seem to be attracting visitors, and somehow you’ve stumbled here, so I’ll keep writing if you keep reading and interacting with me.


At first glance, this site may seem all over the place, but I promise, there is a rhyme for my reason. Or is it “reason for my rhyme?” I’ve never understood that phrase.

Me will give you access to anything I have available about me online. I do personal features from time to time as well, and they are located here.

Read will take you to any articles or reviews I’ve written on books, comics, or other literature.

Watch will take you to my articles on TV shows and movies.

Play will take you to content on video games, including my three remaining fan sites.

I like and write about a lot of stuff. Browse around. I hope you find something that will interest you.

Name & Layout

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

My website is named after a word from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven. Poe is frakkin awesome, and one does not need a reason to name a website from one of his works, but I am unabashedly an over-thinker, so I have several. Nevermore means never again. It carries a lot of meaning for me and for my website. Never again will I let someone come between me and my dreams. Never again will I let what someone thinks of me affect how I think of me. Never again will I settle for less than I know I deserve. It’s an incredibly strong word. With it, I choose to be happy.

As for my website, never again will books, TV shows, or video games be as good as they were in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The amazingly awesome header in the layout was made for me by my friend Rosy. She is an amazing artist, and you should definitely check out her other stuff. I designed the layout around the header. Everything you find on this site, unless otherwise stated, is my property and should not be used without my permission.