A Life Update

Surprise: this post is not about Animorphs. At least it’s not directly about Animorphs. I want to catch you guys up on some things going on in my life.

Summer Semester starts next week. I am taking Biology and Microsoft Applications. I wanted to take Biology in the Summer so that I could focus on just it without having to divide my attention between it and four other classes. As much as I love Math, Science is not my best subject. Weird, I know. I found out I have to have at least 7 credit hours in the Summer to receive Financial Aid, so I looked for a class I could take that would not take away from Biology. I settled with Microsoft Applications, which I’ll be taking on Tuesday evenings. In that class, I’ll be learning how to use Microsoft Office, which I already have experience in, so I’ll mainly be just going through the motions in that class and can spend my study time on Biology. Biology is on Monday and Wednesday mornings, so I only have school Monday through Wednesday this Summer. I can still get a little bit of a break.

I know I tweeted about this, but for those that don’t follow me on Twitter, I made all A’s in Spring Semester.

Spring GradesAt the end of the semester I was inducted into the Honors Society. There was a ceremony and an award. It was really nice. Two ladies from my church went to see me walk across the stage so I’d have someone there. It was a great night. I bought some frames to hang the certificates I have won in school on the wall. I only have two certificates so far: the Honors Society and the President’s List for Fall, but but I’ll frame more when/if I get them.


HuckleberryHuckleberry is not doing well. As I wrote in another post, he has a bladder stone resting on his bladder that is causing him a lot of pain. We changed his diet last month and put him on antibiotics to see if the stone would shrink enough to pass, but it didn’t shrink at all. Huck has to have surgery. The surgery is going to put me back a grand. I hate asking people for help, but one of my friends suggested starting a fundraiser. After several other people expressed interest in helping, I went ahead and did it. So far I’ve raised $200 of the surgery cost, which I’m grateful for because I’m a broke college student. I have some really great friends.

I’ve been reading a lot of Animorphs as you can no doubt tell if you’ve looked at the front page of my blog in the last week. The series is so good. I can’t stop.

I heard there was an active Animorphs community on Tumblr, so I finally started one of those. I’d love to follow/friend any of you guys on Tumblr, so feel free to add me if you have one. My username is Dragonzord, just like on Twitter. Go go Power Rangers. I’ll be a 1990s kid forever.

I need to look into getting a family physician. I hate going to the doctor, so I only really go when I’m sick, and because I don’t go when I’m healthy, I don’t have my own physician. I end up hitting up Urgent Care facilities. I need some vaccines before I transfer to my second college next year, so I want to start getting those knocked out. I hate needles. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So, how are you guys doing?

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  • You seem to roll with school lately ^^ I actually miss school and university, I remember it as a great fun.
    Good wishes for your doggy! I hope he recovers, I love his plumpy face!

    • It’s weird. I forgot how much I love school until I returned!

      Thank you for the well wishes! Huckleberry’s surgery is on June 8th.

  • Hi! WOW you are such a good student! I’m glad you are managing through that hell. However, I hope your dog gets well soon D: He’s lovely.
    I can’t talk about the physician because here in Spain we are assigned a certain doctor and we can ask for appointments but if the doctor sucks, which is my case, then I avoid it like the plague. I’ve even thought many times of changing doctors but I’m lazy, because that doctor is for the whole household and I don’t feel good getting her to ask questions to my dad or anything xD I just… I don’t like her. Really.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Haha, thanks! I’m a much better student now than I was when I was 18, that’s for sure. Thanks for the well wishes about Huckleberry.

      That sounds tough, but it makes sense for your whole family to attend one physician. Have you told your father you don’t like your doctor? Maybe your whole family can switch.

  • Hey Todd! I’m getting back into the swing of reading people’s blogs since it’s been far too long 😅

    Congratulations and well done on all your great grades! I have to say that is really, really impressive. I have never done that well consistently across all my subjects in any part of my educational years! Those ladies from your church were lovely to come along and watch you accept your award 😄

    I remember having taken a class in university that had a lot of content I already knew. It was good to be able to focus more in the subjects I struggled in. Microsoft Office sounds like something too easy to have a subject on haha.

    I’m sorry to hear about Huckleberry 😞 But glad that some of your friends could help fund his surgery ❤️ I hope the surgery goes well when it does happen and that he comes out fit OK!

    I don’t like going to the doctor either mostly because the waiting time is a pain in the ass. I recently moved though, so I actually have a doctor that is downstairs, and generally they only take appointments and are pretty strict on that so it’s nothing like the doctor I grew up with where I often had to wait 1-2 hours even with an appointment! Personally I’m used to needles as I have genetic high blood cholesterol and have blood taken out and tested about every six months. It’s still not pleasant though, you just grin and bear it!

    • Hey, Georgie! I go in and out of phases of being a good blog reader. I try to check in on everyone on my blogroll once a week or so, but there are times (especially when I’m thick into school) that it’s difficult. I completely understand! I’m glad you stopped by!

      Thanks for the comments on my grades and the well wishes for Huckleberry.

      The Microsoft Office class is required for Education majors mainly for Excel. I know Powerpoint and Word really well, but am looking forward to becoming more comfortable with Excel. I’ve been told by people who have taken this class already that if I do the homework, it’s very hard not to get an A. It seems like the perfect choice to take with Biology so I can focus on Biology.

      A wait time of 1-2 hours with an appointment is awful. I’d find another doctor for sure.

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